Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Football Fever

The 2006 FIFA World Cup has been going on for almost a week now and I just realize that this time I’m more than a spectator. I’m officially a FAN! A fan of the German team, Des Panzer, to be precise.
How can you tell? Quite simple actually….
For a start I have some official miniature team costume for my car decoration, then I got some official mechanical pencils bearing the German color. I also have the official 2006 FIFA World Cup small pillow and bag with the German colors on it. And of course no fan can claim he’s a fan unless he got the official team costume…
And that’s just the basic!
I also have a couple mugs, glass, and key chain. Oh! And please do not forget my black jacket with German colors.
The only thing won’t, and probably will never have, is the official ticket for one of their games.
All said and done…., those guys better make it to the final round

Friday, June 09, 2006

to the jhon

You know one of those moments when you just didn't have a chance to go to the bathroom. Like when you are having a very long trip, or a meeting. All the while, the pressure builds up and no matter how hard you try to take your mind of it, it still comes back. Urging more and more to take a time off…, to let the steam off….
Remember the blissful feeling that comes when you finally able to go to the bathroom and relieve yourself.
Strangely…., that is how I feel when writing this post.
I guess that what this blog is all about. A dumpster, a s*%t hole for my brain. The place where my head can go and relieve itself.
Naaa….. enough of the crap talk. Got some work to do. Lets just hope that I wont just throwing craps here.