Monday, October 29, 2007

Which way my love?

Last night I had an unexpected conversation with an unlikely friend, Andi. Andi lives just several houses down the alley from mine and usually our conversation ranges from comic to babes and occasional porn collection.
Last night, however, the discussion moves to a rather peculiar subject, a book by Pram called "bumi manusia". The story revolved around a guy who is part of the Indonesian independent movement back in the 19th century till early 20th.
We didn't talk about the movement or how revolutionist so act. Instead we talked about a peculiar fact that the main character never seems to be lucky in love.
His first wife died at a very young age. So did his second wife. Neither of them bore him any child. His third love turned him down for the glamor of Paris. His third wife, and the fourth time he fell in love, didn't die on him. But he was forced to divorce her because she made a political statement and he got the arrested for it. He could have stayed with her but it would cause endless trouble for her.
Andi make a fine statement when he said that it was because the way the character chose was not the way of love. It was the way of idealism, the revolution, and his love couldn't keep up with it or has to be sacrificed.
Does it have to be that way? Can we not have love without sacrificing something... or have our dreams with out sacrificing our love?
What if our dream is to love someone, should we discard everything else and do everything for our love?


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