Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The road to happiness

All roads lead to somewhere. That so much is the fundamental law that governs our reality just as the law that for every action there is a reaction, or that in every Monday there has to be a traffic jam.

Even the road to nowhere leads to somewhere, because nowhere is actually somewhere in time and space but we just don’t have a point of reference for it, or don’t have a name for it, or maybe just like to call that particular point “nowhere”. Such is the case with road that goes round-around on a full circle. This particular road will lead us right back to where we start wherever that is. All though it may sound absurd, those two road lead to somewhere some of us like to be every now and then.
A different case applies to the condition of the road itself. There is nothing certain about it. Regardless of our destination, we would find surprises along the road’s many potholes, junction, and twist and turn. Some road may seems to be as straight as an arrow before suddenly takes you on a 90 degree right hand turn, or may takes all the way up a steep climb until suddenly leveled out on an open plain.

The road to heaven is as treacherous as hell while the road to hell offers a paradise view along the way.
Now how about the road to happiness? We all thought we know the way, hell some of us can even claim that he/she even have a map of the road, but is that so?

Because just like our daily commute to the office which we can honestly claim to know by heart, some jerk going to cut us off the road somewhere along the way, a kid going to jump right in front of our car, as we pulled out of the drive way or a hole going to appear right in the middle of yesterday’s perfect road all of the sudden. They will jump at us when we least expected them and makes us wonder if going to our destination really worth the trip down the road.
I guess as long as it leads to happiness it’s worth it. Because I believe that when ever we take to the road we should always know our destination. And when we know our destination we can, to some degree prepare ourselves for the road. And when we are aiming for happiness, boy, don’t we have a lot to prepare.

When traveling down the road to happiness there are not shortcuts or expressways. It’s a long and winding road with very few rest stops so plenty of chips and extra drinks and several packs of cigarettes might come handy. And God helps you if you ever run out of gas. Also, the road map that worked for some may not work for you. Often all we can do is move on, enjoy the ride and hope that you would make on time, just as the same as when we got caught in the rush hour traffic during rainstorm.

The only thing you can count on the road to happiness is that all road leads to somewhere and yours leads to happiness.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


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what a cute mouse...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sekali lagi kurang kerjaan....

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Monday, November 26, 2007

And we were supposed to be working

Monday, October 29, 2007

Which way my love?

Last night I had an unexpected conversation with an unlikely friend, Andi. Andi lives just several houses down the alley from mine and usually our conversation ranges from comic to babes and occasional porn collection.
Last night, however, the discussion moves to a rather peculiar subject, a book by Pram called "bumi manusia". The story revolved around a guy who is part of the Indonesian independent movement back in the 19th century till early 20th.
We didn't talk about the movement or how revolutionist so act. Instead we talked about a peculiar fact that the main character never seems to be lucky in love.
His first wife died at a very young age. So did his second wife. Neither of them bore him any child. His third love turned him down for the glamor of Paris. His third wife, and the fourth time he fell in love, didn't die on him. But he was forced to divorce her because she made a political statement and he got the arrested for it. He could have stayed with her but it would cause endless trouble for her.
Andi make a fine statement when he said that it was because the way the character chose was not the way of love. It was the way of idealism, the revolution, and his love couldn't keep up with it or has to be sacrificed.
Does it have to be that way? Can we not have love without sacrificing something... or have our dreams with out sacrificing our love?
What if our dream is to love someone, should we discard everything else and do everything for our love?

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Comma

Ah, the comma. Finally I can take a break from it all. Even if it was only for but a moment in time, still a break is a break. A welcome intrusion in a long string of letters and words, a moment of peace in the mists of conversation, a white space between the lines. A slight pause, that after a pat in the back softly ask me to move on.
Though a bit hard to notice most of the time, there are times, many in fact, when I crave for that little sign. Though often mistaken for a spot or dirt, still I miss it and I know I need it.
There are others off course, like the dot, or dash, or maybe the apostrophe but none are like the comma.
Take the dot for instance, it always come at the end of a sentence. The last thing you will see on a long string of consonants and vowels, the dot will stop you and then everything must start a new. Most of the time though, the dot couldn’t care less if you do continue or not.
The dash on the other hand, doesn’t care if you are on your dying breath. The dash will always urge you to move on. It totally lacks any compassion and patience as it push your eyes to absorb more and more information, forcing you to swallow all the letters that comes before and after it by the mouthful.
That is why I always prefer the comma compared to any other, and to tell you the truth, I can use one right know.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Warning from the blue man

Ok, so I didn't make this one... but it's just sooooooo ....
aw heck, watch it for yourself lah!