Sunday, April 24, 2005

Co-captain's Message

Welcome aboard to Air Dee Pojok, this is your co-captain fERDI:) speaking. The weather is nice, slightly cloudy but breezy bright. If you would care to look out your window you would find a pleasent vermillion sunset greeting you.

Our flight have taken off a couple of months ago (!). We've had smooth flying so far and as far as we can see also smooth flying ahead of us. I am here to report that, although our good captain has handled this maiden voyage with excellent manuvering, he has requested that I do a little 'housekeeping.' Nothing too serious, but in fact hopefully you would find my small co-piloting touches inspiring to your comfort in this flight.

I have also taken liberty with providing links to other sister flights in the airs. Mostly friends of the captain, some blog purely in English but some also in Indonesian. All I must say personally to be inspiring, at least mostly. And fun if not that. Oh, and I also linked some other planes that I am flying right now at this very moment (don't you just love the power of the internet?)

Additionally I would like to leave you a reference to this most excellent document from the documentation team, detailing how to have fun with hyperlinks. As you will undoubtably find after reading it, linking is not exactly rocket science, and in fact it can actually help us in developing our viewpoins (and gather some more traffic; we always love more traffic :p). And I would like to also recommend this equally interesting article regarding how to add more links to your sidebar. It has been traditionally thought that links on your plane's respective sidebars would give a thread of connectivity, friendship and meaning to your flight (some linguists and social scientists would use the term 'context').

As time would permit I would also like to modify our sidebar with one of those newfangled tagboards, either from, wdcrezz, or other sources. And perhaps also to add support for Haloscan's excellent trackback and commenting systems (which has an auto-install for Blogger users BTW).

That's about all the updates that I can give to you for the moment, either I or the captain will surely call out to give more messages as needed. So sit back, relax, and we will surely have a safe flight ahead of us. This has been your co-captain.


PS.: I modified my posting time; I really did begin writing this and modifying the template at sunset. It would ruin the story if it wasn't sunset. Come on, have a sense of humor, please?

Dan kalau mau petunjuk membuat link dalam Bahasa Indonesia, sabar yah... itupun salah satu proyek jangka panjang gue :p

Update 26/4/2005: I've added a shoutbox shoutbox.


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